The Richland School District has several facilities that are available for use/rental to the staff and public.  If you are interested in using our facilities, you must first become a requester.  We ask that you submit your requests at least five business days in advance to make sure we have staff available for setup, tear-down, etc.  Thanks!  

Please remember that the Board of Education authorizes use of surveillance equipment in the schools to be used exclusively for the purpose of maintaining a safe and orderly educational environment, for identifying disciplinary issues, for minimizing theft and vandalism and for enforcing district policies and rules.

The Richland School District shall determine the need to assign school personnel to an event at least 24 hour notice must be given to the Richland School District for cancellations.

Click here for Facility Use School Policy

If you have NOT used the online facility use form before, you first must become a requestor.  For additional help please reference the quick guide.   Quick Guide

Auditorium - $30/hr
Field House (RCHS & RMS Gyms) - $30/hr
Athletic Complex (Varsity Stadium, Softball, & Baseball Fields) - $30/hr
JV Baseball & West Practice Fields - $18/hr
Commons, Kitchen, All-Purpose Room - $18/hr
Classrooms - $7/hr

Custodial Services (2 hour Min) - $30hr/Custodian
Auditorium Tech (2 hour Min) - $30hr/Tech
Kitchen Services (2 hour Min) - $30hr/Cook
Field Lighting - $18/hr
Orchestra Pit Removal & Setup - $250/event
Piano - Grand or Console - $90/event
Gym Floor Cover - $54/event
Locker Room - $42/event
Lift (2 hr Min) - $30/hr
Cancellation Fee (less than 2 weeks) - $120/fee
(Cancellation Fee - Groups who cancel up to two(2) weeks prior to event may be charged fees District has already incurred.  (i.e. piano tuning).  Cancellations or changes less than 2 weeks will be charged $100.)
First Time User Fee - $250/fee

If you have any questions, please contact the Richland District Office, Attn: Laura Steele, 608-647-6106 during normal business hours or email